Later on in that year, around October we decided that we wanted to increase the size of the group and try to find a keyboard player and maybe some brass. We were playing one gig; not sure where but it… Read more

Supporting the Who

At the beginning of 1966, in fact on Monday the 31st January we supported the ‘Who’ when they played at the Coed Eva Community College in Cwmbran. This was another of the numerous promotions of Maurice Wight. The ‘Who’ were… Read more

Playing the West End Ballroom in Birmingham

 In May 1965, we played the first of 2 or 3 gigs at the West End Ballroom in Birmingham. The West End was a really old-fashioned ballroom, which was very active in the 1920s and, from old photographs; it looked… Read more

Supporting the Mojos

On Monday the 29th March 1965, we supported ‘The Mojos’ at Coed Eva Community College in Cwmbran, which was promoted by Maurice Wight, from the Newport Music Centre. They were best known at the time for a hit single, they… Read more


In the autumn of 1963 I grew tired of just messing about with a primarily instrumental group so put forward the idea to the rest of the group that we should get a vocalist and play a more varied set… Read more